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Because I am far from prompt at answering requests, only checking here once every several months, I would like to announce that the majority of my art is available for use freely. What that means is that so long as you give credit where it is due, my artwork is available for personal* use. More information below.

What You Can & Cannot Use
  • Photography: These are personal photos and I wish not to have my face displayed elsewhere without me posting it personally.
  • Short Stories, Poetry, Pieces, & DAII Fanfic: Do not alter my literature in any way! However, feel free to share them and use them as inspiration. I wholeheartedly support that.
  • Cartogarphy & Parchments: These are freely available for use as they appear, and you may also alter these in any way you see fit.
  • Journal Skins: Rip these bastards apart; I frankly don't care. They're terribly outdated and if you feel you can improve them, go nuts.
  • DAII Mods: These are freely available for personal use - in fact, designed that way. However, please give credit to the Dragon Age Nexus page for the mod, if available. (Full mod catalog - click "Go").
  • DAII Captions: These are so stupid, oh my god. Why did I create these? Use them as you will.
  • Vector Art: You may use these ONLY for personal use. You may NOT alter them without express permission. Do NOT repost these pieces on any site. I am, quite frankly, extremely possessive of these works. Most took days, if not weeks, to complete (Example vectors: [1] [2] [3]). I do not care if the simple ones are shared, so long as credit is given (Examples: [1] [2]).
  • DAII Backgrounds: These are simply the symbols from the game Dragon Age II. I do not own any of the rights, I simply threw nifty colors and effects on them. Use, alter, and manipulate these as you like. Please be sure to link to this post when using any image found on the screenshot.
Ways to Give Credit
  • Provide a proper link to the original piece directly, my deviantArt userpage, or my Tumblr account.
  • If uploading through deviantArt, simply add this credit to the description.
  • If sharing offsite, please email me a link to where it is posted so that I may know where my creations are going.
  • Do not remove my signature or marking (a version of my user icon) from any of my works if present.
  • If you are unsure on what to do, please shoot me an email at

*NONE of my art may be used commercially without express permission. Contact me regarding these cases through email to notify me promptly.

I am hardly what you could call active here, I am still very active on Tumblr though I do not post my artwork regularly since I have returned to literature as my primary hobby. Currently, I am working with a dear friend on a long-standing novel series that we hope to share once it shows some signs of completion. However, feel free to contact me through Tumblr in regards to whatever requests you may have; I'm always available for written requests and the occasional symbol mapping, small vector project, or other casual need.

I hope this clears up quite a few concerns regarding my pieces since it is plastered on my userpage. Have a great one, everybody!


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